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CMU Public Television Hosts LIVE Michigan Out-of-Doors Program

Public Broadcasting favorites Bob Garner, Jimmy Gretzinger and Jenny Olsen were live in the studios of CMU Public Television hosting a special one-hour LIVE edition of "Michigan Out-of-Doors"  During the show, they took questions from the viewing audience.

"The live show gave Jimmy, Jenny and me a chance to talk directly to the audience, the people who care about Michigan Out-of-Doors, and explain to them why their contributions to CMU Public Television are so important to the passing along of our outdoor heritage," said Garner. "Sharing television time with Jimmy and Jenny is a dream-come-true for me. We swap stories old and new while getting to talk directly to CMU Public Television viewers. It's the only time of the year we do this together, and all of us really look forward to it."

Pictured Right: Bob Garner, Host of Michigan Out-of-Doors

Issues & Ale

Michigan Radio Hosts Event Series "Issues and Ale:
The Future of K-12 Education"

"Issues and Ale" is an event series co-sponsored by Michigan Radio and the Center for Michigan designed to engage people in conversations about important issues facing Michigan - in an informal atmosphere.

This month’s "Issues and Ale" event played host to a panel discussion and community conversation about the future of K-12 education. They posed questions to the audience including:  What is the best way to prepare today’s students for the global economy; and what would you like to see from our education system?

Host Jack Lessenberry, Senior Political Analyst for Michigan Radio, led the discussion.  Panelists included Tom Watkins, former Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction; Doug Ross, founder of Detroit's University Preparatory Academy charter school; Michelle Herbon , Senior Consultant specializing in education policy for Public Sector Consultants; and John Bebow, Executive Director for the Center for Michigan.


Industry Articles

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Terry Kasiborski

Suggestions for Conducting Employee Evaluations
By Terry Kasiborski, Butzel Long

Accurate, thoughtful performance evaluations can be a very important tool for management. Your employees are among your most valuable assets and you owe it to them to provide honest feedback about their performance.  Also, you cannot successfully compete in the highly competitive broadcast industry if you are not realizing maximum performance from your employees.  If properly performed, employee evaluations should assist you in meeting your goals. 

Broadcasters should regularly and consistently complete written evaluations of employees.  Each employee should be formally evaluated at least annually. More frequent evaluations should be undertaken for some employees, particularly in cases where employees have assumed different positions or been told that they need to take corrective action. 

You should take all of the time and make all of the difficult decisions that are required to prepare a comprehensive and candid written evaluation.  When preparing written evaluation forms, be sure to rate the employee for the entire period of time since the last evaluation, not just  the recent past. 

Read More: Suggestions for Conducting Employee Evaluations

Programmers Resolutions for the New Year:
10 Simple Steps for a Better 2012  
By Gary Berkowitz, Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting, Inc.

With the new year just around the corner, here are 10 easy to execute strategies for the end of the year. 

  1. Aircheck your jocks. With PDs busier and multi-tasking more than ever, this art seems to be falling between the cracks. There is no better way to build relationships and help jocks sound better than to close your door, turn off the phone, listen to their show and offer constructive feedback.  

  2. Sell the product. Hard to believe, but many radio stations sell  everything but their number one product...the music. Promote the quantity, quality and benefits of listening to your station. Please remember the power of titles and artists. Listeners always rate this very high. They want to know the names and artists of the music you are playing. If you think they (listeners) know all the titles and artists, please re-think.

  3. To not worry about liners burning out. Let them "BURN IN." Sure, they need to be updated and freshened but make sure you do not lose the focus in the process.

Read More: Programmers Resolutions for the New Year

Jim Mathis

Do You “Get” It?  It’s Ok If You Don’t.
By Jim Mathis, Reinvention Nation™

The answer will bring you more results and less waste.”

The message is provocative, the talking points are edgy and the delivery stylishly interactive. It isn't a "feel-good, warm-and-fuzzy" message.  Most people I work with like it (or they wouldn't be working with me!).

But some people just don't get it.  And that's okay with me.

I have learned that and I have adjusted to it.  To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, "You cannot please all of the people all of the time."  Speaking of Lincoln, he couldn't please everyone and still is remembered as one of the most successful presidents in U.S. history-even though most of his presidency was during an unpopular war.  He barely won re-election with the war still in progress.

Like I said I have a purposefully provocative message about how "the economy isn't down; it's different" and "the recession won't really ever end." It startles some people, provokes others, makes many people laugh (and ticks off a few).  An eager attendee spoke to me after a really good audience response and said: "Jim, you need to understand that about 99% of the people in this room didn't" get "what you were saying... but I want you to know that I "got" it today!" It was funny because he had to wait in a line of people stopping to say how much they liked it.

Still I was grateful that he got it.  At least he seemed to.

But some people just don’t “get” your message, what you do or want your service/product. That’s okay.  They won't no matter how hard(er) you try to sell them on it.  They don’t have to.  Yelling what you do LOUDER just makes it worse and brings less of what you want in results and profits.

Get over it and them.

Read More: Do You "Get" It? It's Ok If You Don't.

In The News

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WWTV/WWUP-TV Adds Transmitter Near Grand Traverse Bay

Northern Michigan's WWTV/WWUP-TV now has a broadcast signal that is stronger than ever for viewers in the Grand Traverse Bay Area, thanks to a newly installed transmitter. People in Traverse City and the surrounding area can now watch WWTV/WWUP-TV as well as sister stations WFQX/WFUP-TV without satellite or cable.

Due to the hilly terrain and watery surroundings, the station’s previous signal was hard pressed to reach the bay area, especially after the digital transition in 2009.  With the new transmitter, WWTV/WWUP-TV’s over-the-air signal will now reach viewers, who, up till now, had been unable to receive their signal.

All viewers have to do to begin receiving the new signal is to rescan their digital television or converter box for Channel 40.1 and 40.2.

Paige Nienaber

CBS Radio Detroit Welcomes Paige Nienaber to the Team

CPR Promotions VP/Fun and Games and Extremely Weird and Very Bizarre Stuff guy, Paige Nienaber, is the newest edition to CBS Radio Detroit.  Nienaber started his new position December 1 and is sure to bring some excitement to the CBS team. 

Nienaber’s name is always top of mind with some of the most respected programmers in the business when it comes to creative promotions. He prides himself on dealing with stations that are progressive enough to realize that it’s what’s between the songs that makes all the difference in competitive battles.

"When I find someone who is even more sick and twisted than me, I hire them," said Dom Theodore, VP of Programming for CBS Radio Detroit. "Paige has been an amazing partner in crime for me in several other markets, and I'm glad be able to unleash him in Detroit as well."

Southfield Student Radio Program
photo courtesy of Loren Coleman

Southfield Public Schools Offer Radio Broadcasting Class as Saturday Elective

The radio broadcasting class that was offered as a regular Monday through Friday elective class at Southfield public schools was in danger of being cut, until it was rescued by radio veteran and Detroit Public School teacher Donald Walker.  The radio broadcasting class will now be offered as a Saturday elective to students interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting.

Previously the class was instructed by Julea Ward, who opted to discontinue her position to fulfill family obligations. Walker, a teacher in Detroit Public Schools and a radio veteran with more than 20 years of experience, stepped forward and offered to teach the class as an elective offered on the weekends.

“The Saturday school class is a continuation of the previous radio program,” said senior Marquez Hicks, general manager of WSHJ. "It’s exactly the same but we just have new members, and I think they’re going to be surprised by how student-run it is.  Mr. Walker is a great addition because he allows us to do that."

The class teaches students how to operate the school radio station and review on-air techniques. Students will also perform technical duties regarding radio equipment and broadcast transmission. Radio class is free and is open to all high school students within Southfield Public School system.


"Make This World Foundation" Wants to Launch Local Radio Station in Ann Arbor

The "Make This World Foundation," an Ann Arbor-based organization, is currently seeking to launch the city's first low-power community radio station. The foundation, a registered nonprofit corporation formed in Michigan in 2009, is particularly focused on promoting local voices and greater diversity on the airwaves.

They were organized to provide multimedia distribution services for cause-related media campaigns by providing access to audiences traditionally under-represented in media, including African Americans, women and seniors. They specifically help other nonprofits use media and technology to promote their missions in addition to producing educational and cultural arts programming.

Late last year, with the passage of the Local Community Radio Act, new non-commercial radio stations were granted the chance to seek licenses for the first time in many years. Organizers have met since early September to plan for the application process and have scheduled a Dec. 16 fundraiser to generate funds for startup.

Ed Christian

Ed Christian Named Radio Ink's Radio Executive of the Year

Employees love to work for him. Listeners love his radio stations. Shareholders love to invest in him. Radio Ink has named Saga Communications CEO Ed Christian Radio Executive of the year for 2011. There was a time the major players in radio were the darlings of Wall Street. Times have certainly changed as many of those monster radio companies have seen their stocks crater into the single digits, some having to file for bankruptcy to survive, leaving investors looking elsewhere to put their money. Then, there is Saga Communications. The Saga stock price will open today at $36.72. Year-to-date, Saga is up over 40%. The Company operates 61 FMs, 30 AMs three state radio networks and two farm networks in 26 small and medium markets. Christian says the key to his success is, "everything that you do and say has to be centered around the community."

"I have had a chance to listen to a lot of radio and watch TV as of late and it amazes me on television how much they mention local communities, local events on their newscasts, even in their breaks to try to involve the people and make them feel, "this is really my TV station." Once you have the feeling that "the station belongs to me" it becomes immaterial. Perception becomes reality. After a while, you are so good for so long, " Christian said during an interview with Radio Ink. "Let me give you an example. Look back at the old days, the days of The Real Don Steele. He had long outlived his usefulness and really wasn't a great morning talent. But the fact is, everybody listened to him just out of habit because he had always been there. You establish this thing in the community where you are what they expect. You are their go-to place. You are their destination. The whole radio station and everybody else there has to have the central philosophy of what we do here is important. We are the ones who control the community."

Christian will be featured on the cover of Radio Ink's January 9 issue.

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MAB Station Community Service Highlights

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WLUC Canathon

MAB Station Community Highlight:
WLUC-TV (Marquette), 2010 Commercial Television Station of the Year, Market #4
The MAB Newsletter is highlighting the community service efforts of our 2010 Broadcast Excellence Station of the Year Winners. This month we highlight WLUC-TV (Marquette), Commercial Television Station of the Year, Market #4.

WLUC has been serving the people of the Upper Peninsula since 1956. Their community service is the reason people think of them as “their” television station.  WLUC sponsored 63 events in their community in 2011, dedicating over $180,000 of airtime promoting them.  They are a part of sled dog races, marathons, cross country ski races, softball tournaments and everything in between. 

The culminating event of the year for WLUC is the TV6 Canathon.  This annual can drive was established in 1982 and over the years their viewers have raised and distributed over 2 million pounds of food to local food pantries.    

“Every year we ask our viewers to “Help Feed a Hungry Neighbor” in Upper Michigan by contributing to the TV6 Canathon,” said Kim Parker, Marketing Director, WLUC-TV.  “Every year they come through.  We’re proud that it’s our event.”

Blaine and Allyson

WDVD (Detroit) Helps Put People Back to Work

Cumulus’s WDVD-FM’s (Detroit) morning show hosts Blaine and Allyson launched their ‘Blaine and Allyson Put You Back to Work' series in November and it’s been a hit ever since.

"It's been bigger than we ever thought it would be,” said Dana Lundon, On-Air Talent and Producer for the show.  The series showcases businesses that come in and talk about the job openings they have available.

“We screen them before they come in; we usually want businesses with at least 10 openings,” said Lundon.  “We started a FB page as well.” 

The series’ Facebook page has postings from the featured businesses as well as other postings that the station is aware of, helping to connect businesses with potential employees.

"We were so inundated with requests to be on the show that we had to make it a MONDAY and FRIDAY feature,” said host Blaine Fowler.  “It’s really getting a very positive response from the audience as well as the businesses."

Angel Tree Logo

WOOD-TV and WOTV-TV Host Angel Tree Toy Drive

With many families facing economic hardships, times can be tight during the holidays. That is why WOOD-TV and WOTV-TV have teamed with the West Michigan Salvation Army for the Angel Tree Toy Drive.

The goal of the toy drive is to reach as many needy children as possible. Last year's Angel Tree Toy Drive helped to bring a Holiday gift to over 20,000 children in West Michigan. This year's goal is to reach 30,000 children in hopes of brightening their holiday season.

The toy drive, currently in its 21st year, is open now through December 20.  Participating locations will display a holiday tree decorated with Angel Tree tags, provided by WOOD-TV, that represent a child or teenager who might not otherwise receive any gifts this holiday season. Local businesses and members of the local community then adopt one or more of the tags from the tree to provide a child with holiday gifts including toys, clothing and other items.

MAB Member Services & Membership

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Member Services

How Broad Is Your EEO Outreach?

Broadcast Compliance Services (BCS), an MAB Associate Member, points out that an FCC EEO audit is not the time to find out that your outreach is short. BCS assists MAB member stations in meeting EEO outreach requirements FREE OF CHARGE. This innovative tracking, reporting and outreach program is a $25,000 value, but is free to MAB members.

Don't spend hours trying to find the information for your EEO report. Let BCS make reporting and outreach easy. BCS offers conference call training on a weekly basis. Click here for participant information and a schedule (Members Only).

Enstar Energy

Member Service Highlight:
Are You Participating in MAB’s Energy Program?
Don Johns, President of EnStar Energy, LLC

If not, why not?  Everyone wants to lower utility bills and MAB has a program that can help members do just that.  MAB urges you to take advantage of this opportunity.

If your station uses natural gas, MAB, through its energy consultant EnStar Energy, has supply arrangements with five different suppliers that offer an alternative to what your gas utility currently charges for the commodity portion of your gas service including DTE/Michcon, Consumers Energy, Michigan Gas Utilities, and SEMCO Energy.  There is little down side to making the switch.  Nothing about your gas service changes except the price.  Your natural gas service will still be by your utility but you will be charged a special price for the gas commodity portion of your bill.  Typically, in today’s slow economic climate this will be 15% or more below what you are paying now.  By way of example Consumers Energy’s gas cost for December is $6.15 per thousand cubic feet (“MCF”).     MAB currently has guaranteed fixed rates as low as $4.59 for the rest of this heating season. That is a savings of 25% on the gas commodity portion and almost 20% on total gas service charges.    We recommend you take a look to see if it is right for your station.  It may save you hundreds of dollars before the heating season is over. 

If you are one of the stations that still has not had a Michigan Sales Tax Review, then perhaps your views on taxes are similar to those of Warren Buffet.  However, if you don’t want to pay any more than your fair share of taxes then you should arrange for EnStar to conduct a Sales Tax Review as soon as practical. You are very likely paying more to the State of Michigan than you owe because you are not taking advantage of the exemption that the State has granted to radio and television stations for sales tax paid on utility bills to produce their broadcasts.  If you don’t want to be that generous you need to take the steps necessary to cause your station to be taxed at the right rate.  The exemption only applies to production activity at your stations thus, requiring an onsite review to determine what is eligible and (transmission towers are not eligible.)  Still, the savings are substantial and well worth pursuing.  It will not require a great deal of your time.  There is no upfront cost.  EnStar does all the work.  You will likely get a very nice refund and the reduction will be ongoing from that point.  The State allows refunds for up to four years, so recoveries of 10 to 20% of a station’s total annual utility bills are common.  But be aware that every month of delay is a month of sales tax paid that your station can never get back.  So do not wait.  Just ask one of your many colleagues who have already had it done. 

There is no obligation to inquire it either of these programs is right for you.  You can find out by simply faxing or emailing a copy of a recent bill to Don Johns at (517) 268-1278 or and requesting he contact you.  You can also simply give Don a call at (517) 694-2510 to discuss your options.  Feel free to contact Don regarding any other energy issues you may have as well.

NCSA Highlight:
How Do You Use NCSA?

In 2011, the MAB Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement Program (NCSA) had a very successful year.  Over 300 member stations aired 327,810 messages for a value of over $7M.  Campaigns included Radon Gas Awareness, Teen Driving, Hardest Hit Homeowners, Michigan Red Cross, DHS-Transition to Independence, Make It A Real Michigan Christmas, and many more.

Additionally, MAB has many Associate Members who have extremely minimal budgets.  We highlight them at  They can provide people for interviews or spotlights on issues facing your local community.  Most partners also have PSAs available and can provide an opportunity for your station to expand your local relationship.
How can you expand your relationship and benefit your station? 

The following link has a few campaigns and possible suggestions to expand partnerships that can benefit YOUR station.  If you would like to share ideas that will be included on the website, forward them to

Read More: How Do You Use NCSA?

Member Services

MAB Foundation

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Career Fair 2011

Get Your Booth Now…Protect Your Station Later!!

Reserve your booth now for the 2012 GLBC Career & Networking Fair on Wednesday, March 14 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. The fair will take place during the 2012 Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference & Expo at The Lansing Center in Downtown Lansing. Attend and meet hundreds of potential employees and interns.

Career Fair 2011

Registration fee is $250 per booth (one SEU per booth)
and includes the following amenities:

          • One MABF Virtual Career Fair booth – see career fair information here.
          • One 6 ft. banquet table with two chairs.
          • One table-top sign with your call letters/company name displayed.
          • Promotion on the MAB web, the MAB e-newsletter and GLBC materials.
          • Assistance with promotion to the schools through the MAB Foundation.
          • One registration to the GLBC Main Luncheon. Additional lunches may be purchased at $30 per person.
          • Exhibits Only Registrations for all station attendees
          • A portion of the registration fee goes to support the MAB Foundation and its mission and may be tax deductible.

Registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis so be sure to register online with payment to the MAB Foundation office as soon as possible.

Deadline is Wednesday, February 15. Click here to register today!

2012 Station Internship Opportunity

Sign-Up for the 2012 MABF Station Internship Program

Purpose: In an effort to attract talented students to the field of broadcasting, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation (MABF), in cooperation with MAB member stations, will coordinate student internships throughout Michigan.

EEO Credit: Participating stations may receive EEO credits for their active participation in selecting and training the interns. Contact your legal counsel or the MAB's David Oxenford at 212-663-8128 for more information.

Click here for more information.

Don't wait, sign-up now! The Internship Program Fills Up Fast!
Deadline May 31, 2012

MAB Advertising Rate Sheet 2012

MAB Logo

819 N. Washington Ave., Lansing, Michigan 48906
Ph: (517) 484-7444 • TF: (800) 968-7622 • Fx: (517) 484-5810
E-mail:• Web site:

MAB Board of Directors and Officers
Chairman - Duane Alverson
Vice-Chairman/Chairman Elect - Trey Fabacher
Secretary/Treasurer - Tim Feagan
Imm. Past Chairman
- Mike King
At-Large Director - Jill Saarela
President/CEO - Karole L. White
Directors: Al Blinke · John F.X. Browne · Marla Drutz · Alan Frank · Ed Fernandez
Chuck Gervasio · Debbie Kenyon · Julie Koehn· Bill Kring · Mark Libke
James Lutton · Scott Meier· Gayle Olson · Bob Peters · Ken Radant · Chris Warren

819 N. Washington Ave., Lansing, Michigan 48906
Ph: (517) 484-7444 • Fx: (517) 484-5810

MAPB Executive Officers
- Michael Walenta
Vice-President - Howard Sharper
Secretary/Treasurer - Ed Grant
At-Large Director - Thom Paulson
Executive Director - Karole L. White
Board Coordinator - Ann Cochrane