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Great Lakes Media Center Groundbreaking Set for June 2
By: Karole White, MAB President/CEO

The date is finally set for the cermonial groundbreaking of your new Michigan Association of Broadcasters headquarters building. After over a year of planning, reporting, zoning, meetings with neighborhood groups, architects, developers and building contractors, we are ready to break ground on Tuesday, June 2 at 1:30 PM.

The Great Lakes Media Center is located at the corner of W. Ottawa Street and Sycamore Street. It's just three blocks from the State Capitol and across the street from the Justice Building which houses the Attorney General's office and the Michigan Supreme Court. Our building will feature a 50-seat distance learning education center to allow MAB to offer you more educational opportunities and greater member input on issues; as well as a reception room for small events, a Radio/ TV studio for stations around the state to schedule live interviews with lawmakers, quiet sound-controlled areas from which radio reporters may file reports and, of course, the offices of the MAB. The building will also include a nice patio area for events.

The MAB building will showcase the latest advancements in media technology used by our members, and a wall dedicated to the MAB Lifetime Achievement Award honorees and the Michigan Broadcasting Hall of Fame. It will also include a video wall that will show the rich history and exciting future of the Michigan broadcasting media.

We expect the building project to take 8-9 months and, hopefully, be ready for an open house in time for GLBC 2016 (barring any unforeseen complications.)

The Great Lakes Media Center is part of an overall development with Michigan developer, David Ferguson, VP, Ferguson Development. In a special deal that I negotiated, in which the developer invests in the building in exchange for a portion of the $3.6 million in Brownfield and MBT Credits. After the current MAB property holdings are sold, we will be left with a moderate mortgage that we hope to retire through corporate contributions.

This is your building. This is your success story. You are the members of the MAB, one of the largest and most progressive state broadcast associations in the nation. You have made this building possible and the MAB Board of Directors and our property committee is making certain it will be one you are proud of, one that represents all of broadcasting's modern advancements.

If you would like to participate in the groundbreaking please RSVP to Ann Walters at [email protected].

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MAB Related News

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A Different Name - The Same Great Event!
In an effort to reach even more of our top broadcast managers and station executives, the MAB Board of Directors recently enhanced the name of our summer event to the MAB Advocacy Conference and Annual Meeting.

This new name sums up what we do best - advocate for a strong broadcasting industry in Michigan. Be sure to save the date and stay ahead of the changing legislation by attending!

MAB Advocacy Conference and Annual Meeting
August 18 – 19, 2015
Shanty Creek Resort, Bellaire, MI (about an hour NE of Traverse City)

Click here for more up-to-date conference information including schedule, directions, lodging and sponsorship opportunities!

ALSO - show your support of the MAB Foundation at the annual golf scramble fundraiser by golfing or sponsoring! Questions? Contact Julie Sochay at [email protected].

Final Call for HOF/LA Nominations

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State and Legislative News

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Legislative Report

Auto Insurance Reform Clears House Committee

After seven hours of committee hearings last week, the House Insurance Committee voted out legislation reforming the state’s auto insurance system, adding a more specific fee schedule and a mandated $100 per vehicle rate rollback. Senate Bills 248 and 249 would establish a new association to handle claims for catastrophic injuries and let the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) dissolve after it no longer is serving any patients. The bills would also create attendant care pay limits and an auto insurance fraud authority. Legislation limits the amount that an insurer or incorporated association could be required to pay a person or institution for products, services, and accommodations to the average amount the person or institution customarily accepted from all sources, not including cases involving personal protection insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. The bills do not include a cap for how much auto insurance will pay to cover catastrophic injuries, something that has been a sticking point for auto insurance reform.

Update: Police Body-Worn Camera Bill

Last week, the MAB testified against House Bill 4234, as it was originally drafted, in the Michigan House Judiciary Committee. Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the first version of the bill prohibited disclosure of the recordings taken from police body-worn cameras in circumstances where the recording is taken in a private place, such as a person's home.

State Representative Jim Runestad (R-44), the main sponsor of the bill, introduced a substitute language for HB 4234. The new bill wording is available HERE and it addresses the FOIA concerns MAB had with the original bill draft. The MAB met with State Representative Runstead to discuss our concerns and we appreciate his efforts in drafting the amended legislation in response.

Police-worn body cameras is a hot-button issue right now, with similar legislation introduced in California, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Utah, Kansas, Washington, D.C., and other states. In addition, State Representative Rose Mary Robinson (D-4) introduced House Bill 4229, which would require law enforcement to wear body cameras while on duty.

MAB Legistlative App

Stay Connected with the MAB Legislative App

The MAB has teamed with Mousetrap Mobile to bring you a new interactive app that will assist you in staying up-to-date on the latest legislative and congressional activity in Lansing and Washington D.C., as well as have a mobile legislative directory at your fingertips.

The app (pictured right) is available for download in your mobile app store and is both Apple and Android compatible. The MAB encourages all of our members to download and use the app as we believe it will become one of most useful tools in keeping you informed and involved in all legislation that affects the broadcasting industry.

Additionally, you can access our new app from your desktop. Click here to view our app online.

For a quick way to find the app in your mobile app store, be sure to search for "mab legislative app."


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Federal and Regulatory News

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Congressional Update

GOP Introduces FCC Transparency Legislation

According to a report from Politico (log-in required), several Republican lawmakers unveiled legislation to bring more transparency to the FCC. Currently, the FCC does not have to reveal the text of its rulemakings or orders before they are voted on. The new legislation would require that FCC orders be publicly available prior to a vote, mandate that the FCC post the text of approved rules on its website within 24 hours prior to a vote, and increase transparency for lower-level decisions made by one of the FCC's bureaus. MAB is monitoring and will keep you posted of any developments on this legislation.

Incentive Auction Estimates at $10-$40 Billion

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued a new report which predicts that the FCC’s incentive auction scheduled for 2016 will net the government between $10 billion and $40 billion. The expected value, or middle range, is predicted to be at $25 billion, which will go to the general Treasury fund to reduce the national deficit. Last year’s auction, in which the FCC sold off government airwaves, brought in $43 billion, far exceeding the estimates. The estimate does not include what the broadcasters would receive in the front part of the incentive auction. Studies commission by the Expanding Opportunities for Broadcasters Coalition estimated the total auction could bring in $60 billion to $80 billion.

David Oxenford

The Latest on the TV Incentive Auction – More Regional Information Sessions by the FCC for Auction that Still Appears Targeted for 2016
By: David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP

The FCC recently announced a number of new regional information sessions on the TV incentive auction, by which the FCC proposes to purchase the spectrum of some TV stations to resell that spectrum to wireless users. At these seminars, the FCC representatives will answer questions from the stations attending, and schedule private meetings with TV owners to discuss the specifics of the amounts that they will initially be offered to surrender their spectrum as well as other issues unique to their stations. These seminars are just part of the FCC’s efforts to hold that auction in 2016, with preliminary filings by parties interested in participating potentially due later this year.

At the recent NAB Convention, there were repeated statements by FCC officials, including the Chairman himself, that the auction is on schedule to happen next year. These officials do not seem to be concerned that the wireless companies that will buy this spectrum have stretched their financial resources to a point that would limit their participation in a 2016 auction through their spending in the recently concluded AWS-3 auction. Read More

Kellet Cawthorne

Industry Articles

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No Lie: People Like Songs that Like Them
By: Sean Ross (@RossOnRadio)

“I’m surprised by the results of this music test,” said the radio research client. “How could ‘Liar’ by Three Dog Night not come back playable?”

There were a lot of reasons. Although this was a decade ago, Three Dog Night had already been reduced to a handful of songs at most Oldies/Greatest Hits stations. Even at this long-listed soft classic hits outlet, testing “Liar” was a stretch. That song rode the momentum of “Joy to the World” into the top 10 in 1971, but was already pretty much lost to time. Only another music head would have possibly had any expectations to begin with.

And then there was the hook. If you’ve never heard it, it comes at :55 here, but suffice it to say that it’s a bellowed minor-chord accusation that is deliberately jarring in the context of the song. It’s even more jarring on a tape of 700 hooks, but before anybody seizes on that as an example of why a seven-second hook can’t convey the essence of a song, I feel safe in saying that this one does. Read More

NAB Show Recap: Paul Stewart
By: Paul Stewart, Albion College Student, ENCO Technical Support/R&D Engineer, MABF Student Advisory Committee Member

This past month, I was fortunate enough to take a trip of a lifetime. I did not sit on a beautiful beach somewhere, nor did I have much time to walk around the city, but it was the people I met and the spectacle I saw that made my experience so memorable.

The trip was to Las Vegas for NAB Show 2015. I flew out there with the folks I work with at ENCO Systems. The exhibit hall was alive with excitement while engineers and vendors discussed their needs and product offerings. At ENCO’s booth, there was seldom a dull moment as clients and potential clients continued to pour in to see what was new. It was exciting to meet, in person, the folks I had before only spoken to on the phone.

At the show, I split my time between the ENCO booth and the Music Master booth. At the Music Master booth, I spoke to a group of interested engineers about the integration between the two products and did a tutorial for the audience. At our booth, I gave demos and showed our clients what the latest version of DAD (a audio playout automation and control system for radio and television) can do for their station. The most impactful conversations, however, were when I spoke to clients about how they are handling automation at their station and what solutions they are seeking. I learned a lot from our clients and it was great to see how they are using our product.

It was a working vacation. I was on my feet for 12 hours a day, shook too many hands to count, and talked about broadcast engineering almost non-stop during the show, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This was my first NAB Show and it certainly was an unforgettable experience.

Station Information Packets, Old School Marketing Techniques That Still Work and Show Your PD Some Love!
By: Gary Berkowitz, Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting, Inc.

The Nielsen reporting process with SIP's (station information packets) can affect your ratings. This system (in diary markets) relies heavier on listener feedback than information provided by radio stations. However, it is important to clearly identify your station as often as you can. Make sure air talents are not rushing through or not selling calls and frequency. The #1 goal is to do everything to ensure listeners know who they are listening to.

Programmers need love too! Suggest a weekly meeting and/or lunch outside of the station to catch up and allow the PD some quality time to discuss important matters. Tell a jock you heard a good break. Send a note after a jock does a nice job at a remote. Walk by the studio and give a thumbs up. This is also a good time to make sure that communications with your consultants and researchers are working frequently and properly. Read More

Editor's Note: The views and opinions of the above articles do not necessarily reflect those of the MAB.
Contact the MAB for information on the MAB's official editorial policy.

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MAB Foundation

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Student Highlight: I Found My Passion
By: Lindsey Stallsmith, Specs Howard School of Media Arts and Member of the MAB Foundation Student Advisory Committee

Deciding to pursue broadcasting was one of the best decisions of my life.

Over the last year, I attended Specs Howard School of Media Arts and there have been so many wonderful things I have gained from this experience. Broadcasting is such an interesting industry and there are so many options in radio and television.

Graduation came up so quickly for me because of how much I enjoyed my time in school taking in as much knowledge as I could about broadcasting. I was lucky enough to have a radio internship and a television internship to get started in the field and see what it is really like working in the industry. Upon graduation, I was also lucky enough to give the graduation speech on behalf of the Broadcast Media Arts program and I even received the award for best on-air talent performance for radio and television.

I truly believe that you will never work a day in your life if you are doing something you love. I feel so confident and prepared for the future I have ahead of me and cannot wait to show the industry what I can do!

Student Advisory Committee - We are Looking for a Few GREAT Media Students!

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015-2016 term of the Student Advisory Committee and we are looking for a few great media students to help the MAB Foundation staff, board and committees plan our educational and awards programs.

This is what current Student Advisory Committee member Allison Newman from Grand Valley State University has to say:

"Having an effect on other students around you can be a very rewarding experience. Through serving on the MABF Student Advisory Committee, you can have this positive experience. The committee offers students a unique chance to be able to voice concerns and comments of their fellow students as well as their own. They also improve on how things can be done for future events that MAB puts on for students. Being a part of the Student Advisory Committee is something I will never forget and I am so glad I had the opportunity to make a difference."

Want to be a part of the action and add something amazing to your resume? Download the application here and send it to the MAB Foundation by May 29 to be considered.

High School Radio Day Recap
By: Pete Bowers, Bloomfield Hills High School/WBFH-FM and HSRD Founder

On Wednesday, April 22, 70 high school radio stations from 29 states celebrated the 4th Annual High School Radio Day (www.highschoolradioday.com). The goal of this celebration was to draw attention to what high school radio broadcasters do and how they do it in hopes of bringing awareness to their programs.

WBFH is the flagship station for this national event with the following other Michigan high schools participating: WSDP, Plymouth/Canton; WLHS, Lowell; WAHS, Auburn Hills (new this year); WOES, Ovid-Elsie (new this year).

All of the stations that participated this year are listed on the HSRD website. Station activities included remote broadcasts from locations in their schools, drawings for giveaways, interviews on the air with former students, phone calls with other students and advisors from other stations around the country, hosting guest speakers who work in commercial radio, and passing out station promotional items. Photos of these activities can be found on the HSRD Twitter: @HSRadioDay and on the HSRD Facebook page.

Some stations were covered in reports by local TV stations and articles in newspapers. Articles were posted on All Access, Radio Ink, Radio Survivor, Chicagoland Radio and Media and Jacobs Media.

At WBFH, we played music in the cafeteria at lunch and had drawings for free Dairy Queen cones and blizzards (even though it was snowing outside!). The guest speakers were Blaine Fowler, of Blaine and Allyson in the Morning from 96.3 WDVD - Detroit, and his producer Matt Laurinec. Also stopping by to talk sports on the air with students was Scott “The Gator” Anderson, co-host of the Karsch & Anderson Show, middays on 97.1 The Ticket - Detroit. We gave out candy to anyone who had the Biff Radio app on their phone and we passed out Biff swag (T-shirts, water bottles, clocks, pens, stickers, magnets and mouse pads). Our station mascot, The Biffalo, gave out free hugs and we had a special HSRD poster made up for the event as well as nine promos recorded for airing on the station. For more information, photos and a list of sponsors, visit www.highschoolradio.com.

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